Is It Okay To Mix BLW and Purees?

Yes, it is okay to mix BLW and purees. Some foods such as whole blueberries are better served to infants either smashed or pureed to minimize choking risk. BLW is intended to promote self-feeding skills so if you decide to incorporate purees as part of BLW, offer them to your baby on a pre-loaded spoon or in a bowl on their high chair tray rather than spoon feeding.

Keep in mind that offering purees as part of baby-led weaning can get a little messy. Your baby will most likely end up covered in food from head to toe as they try new tastes and textures but that’s part of learning to self-feed!

For more information on starting baby-led weaning, get the Busy Parent’s Guide to Baby-Led Weaning here.

Baby sitting in a high chair holiding a yellow spoon and bowl.

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